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SuperZings are everyday objects transformed into superheroes and supervillains, and each character has a rival. They live in Kaboom City in teams captained by silver-effect SuperZings. There are also two super leaders, a hero and a villain, with a gold effect and the ultra-rare SuperZing, very hard to find!
With each series, there are over 80 new SuperZings to collect: 40 different characters in 2 colours each, along with six silver team captains, two gold, and the ultra-rare.
Like good heroes and villains, the SuperZings have lairs, vehicles and other accessories that help them live a thousand adventures in Kaboom City. With each new series, new elements enrich their universe. Likewise, Kaboom City is expanding thanks to the appearance of new scenarios such as the police station, Professor K's laboratory ... And the different missions: Bakery Blast, Bank Assault, Pizza Riders ... The adventure has no end!


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