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Bethesda Making Indiana Jones GAME but MAYBE Xbox Exclusive?!

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The idea of this game already gets me excited but perhaps I should watch the Indiana Jones moves so I finally know what they are about lol. Lets talk about that trailer!

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An Indiana Jones game, made by Machinegames and executive produced by Todd Howard, is in development, according to a surprise teaser Bethesda Softworks tweeted Tuesday morning. The teaser is light on details — such as a launch date or window, or platforms — but there’s no mistaking this is an Indiana Jones game. This year, Lucasfilm will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark’s premiere. A follow-up tweet from Bethesda said Todd Howard, creative director of Bethesda Game Studios, would serve as executive producer for the untitled game. It will feature an original story, and isn’t an adaptation of an earlier one. in this video DreamcastGuy reacts to the new trailer and jokes about how the younger gamers will think it is an uncharted rip off possibly. We dont know if this game will be an Xbox Series X exclusive or will be coming to PS5 as well.

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