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BREAKING NEWS from Epstein’s ex-boss and FBI agent

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A year ago this month, the billionaire sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in a jail in New York. The circumstances were so bizarre that many people believe he was actually murdered. Either way he didn’t live to face justice and his victims were cheated out of a trial. Just two days before his death, Epstein apparently took steps to cheat them in another way. With the help of his lawyers who often visited him in jail, he changed his will, transferring his fortune to a trust fund which would likely make it even harder for them to get compensation. Over half a billion dollars worth of cash and assets were moved almost instantly. Since then, the Epstein estate has helped establish a victims compensation fund but according to one of our guests, Epstein’s former boss Steven Hoffenberg, the estate controls far more money than they’re letting on. We find out what he knows and hear from a former FBI financial investigator on how to trace the rest of the money and a lawyer for some of Epstein’s alleged victims. ​

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