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Breaking News! Russian Missile Has Turned to Itself! Putin's Face Also Turned Red! 5 Weapon for Win!

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Breaking News! Russian Missile Has Turned to Itself! Putin's Face Also Turned Red! 5 Weapon for Win!

As the arms race between the USA and Russia heats up, an incident that happened during the missile test of the Russian navy this week caused Putin to blush.
A RUS navy ship suffered a dangerous malfunction during a test launch, when the propellants broke off from a cruise missile and launched uncontrollably in the air for several seconds.
In addition, the Russian press claims that the new Struna-1 radar made by Russian engineers can detect the US F-35 warplanes.
In an article published in the Washington-based military analysis magazine The National Interest, five weapons in the inventory of the Russian army that will give Moscow a victory in a possible war with Kiev were discussed.
Let's start to examine the details of these news together now.
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