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Business Plus is one of the leading business news channel television channels in Nepal that focuses solely on Nepali businesses. It brings together business news, business analysis from credible sources including Nepal share market news, weekly business news and analysis, Nepal share market interviews and analysis, among others.

It is the newest addition to the portfolio of Padma Group. Backed by the success of Mountain TV and Bhakti Darshan TV, Business Plus is a new start to cater the growing demand of viewers in specific segments. It aims to be the leading Business Television Channel of Nepal through quality programming, innovation and technology to advance the Nepalese dream of prosperity and a high quality of life.

We cove live business news and recorded programs on national and international business industry, markets, employments, commerce, agriculture, consumers’ price, swings of markets, among others. It analyses the market several times in a day and update the viewers every moment. Business Plus is a complete solution of each and every aspect of Nepalese and the global economy, trade and market providing forum for investors, industrialists, traders and the general public.


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