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Can you DRIVE a plane across the map in GTA 5 Online without Dying?

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After walking, biking and taking a blimp all across or around the map.. It is now time to further our
challenge with driving a plane across the map in GTA 5 Online.

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Can you DRIVE a plane across the map in GTA 5 Online without Dying?

Sonny Evans

Let Me Explain: (0:00)
Where is the darn exit? (1:06)
With Express VPN.. You can!: (1:53)
A way out: (3:12)
Holes for men, not for planes: (3:41)
Dangerously Quick Sprunk Stop: (4:18)
Quick Jet Stop: (6:18)
Ecola strikes again: (6:26)
Modder or murder?: (7:23)
Time for a quick break: (8:34)
Rough times ahead: (9:22)
Christmas has came early: (10:00)
Push it just a little more: (10:43)
Did we make it?: (12:16)
A juicy L Royale?: (14:02)

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