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Day 1 and the SERVER'S SCARED OF US - Rust Trio Survival 1/2

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Hey guys Max here and today I have part 1 of another amazing 2 part series filled with epic loot, tons of suspense, action, and no series would be complete without annoying neighbours surrounding our base from every angle, door camping and roof camping us from the get go. I won't say too much about what happens today other than we make a break for weapons that we don't usually try to get, and in the next one we'll be making another big leap. I usually don't go down this route on a server, or at least not on the first day, but it's incredibly rewarding!

Thanks for watching, and as always, have fun guys!

INTRO SONG - https://tinyurl.com/n7q2gmw
TWITCH - http://www.twitch.tv/maxmears
TWITTER - https://twitter.com/MaxMearsYT
MY DISCORD - https://discord.gg/Yn6mZAc
PATREON - https://tinyurl.com/n8yvvkt

#maxmears #rust #vanilla

Recorded on Shadowplay, edited with Audacity and Sony Vegas Pro.

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