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Die besten Videos 2021 (Teil 1) || ✪ Stern DuTube

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Die besten Videos !!!

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Original Links:
0:04 - Man Gets Followed By Dozens Of Chickens On The Farm When He Calls Onto Them https://youtu.be/Z0iYpC1K7X0
0:17 - Man Lands A Parachute With His Face Against The Ground https://youtu.be/PNMXe--Ysmc
0:30 - Horse Chases After His Owner When He Messes With Him https://youtu.be/GIvXxEVenJU
0:54 - Astounding View Of A Thin Layer Of Ice On A Frozen Lake Being Blown By The Wind https://youtu.be/lHr3PiyNN7s
1:19 - Doggos Bump Into Each Other While Surfing https://youtu.be/Yv-UcXsHsco
1:34 - Man Finds His Car Covered In Snow From The Inside After The Door Was Broken https://youtu.be/SHxMyBE5wZs
1:48 - Guy Falls Through Thin Ice While Playing Hockey https://youtu.be/RZjRwmN21Kc
2:06 - Guy Gets Covered In Perfectly Shaped Snowflakes Falling From The Sky https://youtu.be/cbZvEQhdGgA
2:21 - Baby Elephant Entertains People On A Safari Trip When He Does A Little Dance On The Road https://youtu.be/uWLkwHq4pFA
3:16 - Girl Turns Herself Into The Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Using The Time Warp Scan Filter https://youtu.be/ZxGPq1WJj28
3:25 - Cat Gags At A Candle During Her First Hanukkah https://youtu.be/e4gmGfEjaPg
3:52 - Guy Uses A Blow Dryer To Blow Out His Birthday Candles During Covid-19 https://youtu.be/VT3BgueXQ8Y
4:23 - Dog Accidentally Snaps A Cat In The Face With Her Bow When He Drags Her https://youtu.be/f93_y9MI7F0
4:35 - Dog Fell Off The Couch While Going Crazy Over His Stuffed Toy https://youtu.be/ntdefeKJ6KE
4:49 - Cat Knocks Down A Lamp Trying To Jump Off A Shelf Onto A Table https://youtu.be/eAmYnM_SpfU
5:10 - This Cute Bird Is Not A Pickle Rick Fan https://youtu.be/W5K3llfijUs
5:29 - Camel Bites Ostrich Over Food Given To Them By A Man And His Baby From The Car https://youtu.be/RHVotg6Q3sM
6:08 - Dog Drops His Toy In Front Of The Lawn Mower For A Fun Game https://youtu.be/GUs_ubs4TOM
6:46 - Driver Recklessly Cuts A Car Off On The Highway - Close Call Accident https://youtu.be/HlGHZX8-I2E
6:55 - Girl Makes A Joke While Crying After Being In A Car Crash https://youtu.be/Ktwv_RxiLwM
7:06 - Baby Boy Grips Onto His Mother's Hair And Refuses To Let Go https://youtu.be/qQQS6g1JvQA
7:48 - Woman Stumbles And Falls While Racing To The Finish Line With Her Friend https://youtu.be/J83iA4AU0Hs
8:00 - Astonishing View Of A Remarkably Large Field Of Sunflowers https://youtu.be/INwLFLQzGIc
8:10 - Man Stands On The Edge Of A River Enjoying The Fire Helicopter's Blades Wind While It Picks Up Water https://youtu.be/tuFzOGxA6GA
8:58 - Squirrel Manages To Steal A Nut Even With A Foot Blocking Him https://youtu.be/3l6VD1FW_P4
9:27 - Doggo Tries Stealing Some Garlic Bread But Gets Caught https://youtu.be/8Y4fBHnWxqQ
9:41 - Man Goes For A High Ramp Jump On His Motorbike https://youtu.be/9hRYU13L8yo
9:50 - Migrating Starlings Forming Beautiful Patterns In The Sky https://youtu.be/MV9JPw4cAoU
10:42 - Red Light Green Light With a Cute Kitten https://youtu.be/xEPQKd9xnP8
10:58 - Go Kart Car Flips And Crashes During A Race https://youtu.be/SnqiPqexIJI
11:08 - Guy Accidentally Breaks A Snow Globe While Putting Up Christmas Decorations https://youtu.be/MATxHWtB_aU

Der Outro Song - Chinese instrument, Guzheng (Smile Wang)

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