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Die besten Videos 2021 (Teil 2) || ✪ Stern DuTube

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Die besten Videos !!!

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Original Links:
0:04 - Guy Accidentally Slid Down The Staircase When He Got Too Excited About Pulling Off Cup Trickshot https://youtu.be/hSz5R-PtH_c
0:11 - Guy Bursts A Balloon With An Arrow While Holding An Extreme Contortion Pose https://youtu.be/AyEtx4_DQLs
0:44 - Dog Tries To Start A Fight With His Dog Friend But Ends Up Running https://youtu.be/XAY4I0iGiq4
0:52 - Dad Let His Son Believe He Caught Food In His Mouth With The Help Of Hibachi Chef https://youtu.be/21oT3sznnxc
1:05 - Dog Climbs Up A Ladder To Get His Ball https://youtu.be/_nZLJ8cP7p0
1:43 - Man Chews A Thick Ice Layer While Swimming In A Frozen Lake https://youtu.be/xxf53V8LCZU
1:56 - Cat Obviously Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed https://youtu.be/3tQXXAEk8V4
2:08 - Girl Celebrates Getting Her College Degree Over Zoom Meeting https://youtu.be/yjibNXv-UNg
2:18 - He Protect He Attack But Most Importantly He Don’t Like That https://youtu.be/Y1kASgTbCcI
2:29 - Girls Switch Seats In The Car Really Quick To Prank The Drive Thru Cashier https://youtu.be/XrgYdMFqXs4
3:28 - Fluffy Doggo Was Excited To Try The Play Dead Trick https://youtu.be/b1W7aykS9sI
3:38 - Son Snitches On Dad During An Online Class Telling The Students That He Doesn't Have Pants On https://youtu.be/k09hyVIRPEU
3:47 - Guy Uses A Water Gun To Cool Down The Plastic Cutting Board After It Melted In The Oven https://youtu.be/nooTUO7FD80
4:08 - Guys Working In A Coffee Stand Caught Doing Some Crazy Dance Moves https://youtu.be/tpw3ZGrzZmw
4:15 - Frenchie Puppy Killing It At The Park On His Little Skateboard https://youtu.be/ABkc7Z6TCws
4:37 - Diver Hand-feeds Hammerhead Shark Some Meat https://youtu.be/3ixjgir4hFM
4:49 - Man Accidentally Crashes His Drone In A Tree Branch https://youtu.be/EBhye-O40g0
5:12 - Spider Caught On Camera Waving At A Man https://youtu.be/GFIMrOSZBrw
5:19 - UPS Delivery Man Accidentally Knocks Down Santa After Throwing A Package In The Air - Doorbell Cam https://youtu.be/ZV7iK70JHDA
5:36 - Adorable Little Puppy Learning How To Howl https://youtu.be/uYiRZYzpYZA
6:04 - Cat Chewing His Owner's Hair https://youtu.be/1W0_V70Y3uk
6:19 - Girl Takes The Worst Bump After Slipping Off A Gorge Wall https://youtu.be/2btJ8udQatI
6:28 - Baby Boy Loving His New Elephant Toy https://youtu.be/J9igBZE2swE
6:47 - Cute Doggo Sings While His Owner Plays Saxophone https://youtu.be/ctKg8nurDzg
7:22 - Woman Breaks Champagne Bottle Trying To Open It With A Knife https://youtu.be/asTnRIzUDow
7:27 - Man Crashes Into A Tree While Speed-flying https://youtu.be/zbTjNdVTEco
7:38 - Clumsy Cat Walks Backwards After Getting His Head Stuck Inside A Lota https://youtu.be/Z1yiykExa04
7:59 - Guy Attempts To Jump Over A Large Concrete Barrier Block On A Trial Bike But Crashes https://youtu.be/q9SySmrnWO0
8:11 - Windshield Wiper Driving A Dog Crazy In The Backseat https://youtu.be/alGU_rEKy90
8:37 - Horse Runs Into Jumping Pole And Stumbles, Throwing A Woman Off His Back https://youtu.be/ZlLpEI23UI0
8:43 - Guy Slides Down The Escalator Rail But Gets Hurt Running Over One Of The Signs https://youtu.be/D7p0qmm3tZ0
8:49, 9:48 - Diver Gets To Swim Close To Three Humpback Whales https://youtu.be/4i_QJX6YblI
9:04 - Bulldog Catching Some Waves In a Santa's Elf Costume https://youtu.be/xnzfld4_d_E
10:19 - Biker Flew Off His Motorcycle During A Lowside Crash https://youtu.be/wT_v88-Mqcc
10:38 - Woman Let Her Sleeping Dog Breathe Into A Microphone https://youtu.be/jW9uz-DIzX4
10:46 - Migrating Starlings Forming Beautiful Patterns In The Sky https://youtu.be/MV9JPw4cAoU
11:26 - Dog Beats Her Mom In A Staring Contest https://youtu.be/dBQwXJmGq90
11:35 - Girl Doesn't Stay Long On a Mechanical Bull Before Smashing Her Face https://youtu.be/G_jh7q3-rw0

Der Outro Song - Chinese instrument, Guzheng (Smile Wang)

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