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Happy new year 2020 || Happy new year 2020 painting || How to Draw 2020 || 2020 || happy new year

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Happy new year 2020 || Happy new year 2020 painting || How to Draw 2020 || 2020 || happy new year

Hello friends, today is my topic, Happy New Year. So in front of you, I was painting a new kind of Happy New Year. You see, this picture is painted with whole oil pastels. The issue here is to push the 20K away and accept the 2020K. The bird is carrying that message. Check out this video
Alok Ranjan Art is an art learning channel that is a lot of fun. Create your own hand-drawn greeting cards with the idea of ​​creative drawing. Simple doodle technique Please share this video with friends. If you have any suggestions, write them in the comments. I will surely reply to you.

Do you like drawing? Have you ever thought that drawing is only for talented people or artists?
Sure, you can start to learn basic painting techniques to become an artist, but who has so much time for it? We're here to help you realize your dream.
Drawing is not just for professional artists. It is for every person who has a lover of his own art deep in his soul. And with these amazing hacks, you can easily express yourself. Don't be ashamed to try!
You can start drawing now! Our video is full of easy-to-use tips that will help you have fun. Our drawing techniques will surely impress you!
Your kids will love great drawing techniques. Also, they are busy for a few hours :) You will find how to draw using simple things like forks, earrings, drinking straws, empty toilet rolls and more. Kids will learn how to create beautiful starry skies using a cookie cutter. Moreover, you can use the pages to create images. Watch a full tutorial. No need to learn how to draw beautiful flowers. You can easily draw lavender using earbuds. You will be surprised if you learn how to draw cherry trees using a drinking straw.
You will have fun while drawing.

Celebrations to mark the start of 2020 are being held around the world, starting with Kiribati (Line Islands) at 0900GMT, with New Zealand seeing in the new decade at 1100GMT.

Key timings:
1100GMT: Auckland, New Zealand
1300GMT: Sydney, Australia
1500GMT: Pyongyang, North Korea, and Seoul, South Korea
1600GMT: Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan
1830GMT: Bangalore, India
1900GMT: Islamabad, Pakistan
2000GMT: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2100GMT: Moscow, Russia
2200GMT: Athens, Greece; Cape Town, South Africa; Beirut, Lebanon
2300GMT: Paris, France
2300GMT: Berlin, Germany
2345GMT: Edinburgh, UK
0000GMT: London, UK
0200GMT: Rio, Brazil
0500GMT: New York, USA
0600GMT: Mexico City, Mexico

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Alok Ranjan Art Studio is a fine art and digital art studio. I am from Sundarban. I always working about my Sundarban nature Sundarban animals etc. I also made a painting about and other things and another area. I am from India so I making any kind of Indian culture. I love another country and the landscape. I love to make a painting in acrylic colors, oil colors, watercolors, pastel colors, and any kinds of pencil sketches. thank you for visiting my profile. if you have any queries about my channel you can search Alok Ranjan Art a professional artist. On my channel, I like to show you how I create realistic paintings. Hopefully, you’ll find my videos informative and beneficial to your own artistic endeavors!
email address, (alok.theombre@gmail.com). I am happy to help you.

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