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Israel masses troops on Gaza border as conflict escalates | DW News

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Israel says it is massing troops on the border with Gaza, and calling up thousands of reservists ahead of a possible ground invasion of the Hamas-ruled territory. Overnight, the Israeli air force stepped up strikes on Gaza, as Hamas launched hundreds of rockets far into Israel. This comes amid renewed mob violence between Arab and Jewish neighbors in Israeli cities. and the death toll in this conflict is rising.
On the ground residents picked through the destruction caused by days of Israeli airstrikes,
Palestinians in Gaza spent the Muslim holiday of Eid under bombardment.
The Israel Defense Force bombs what it says is a military compound belonging to the Palestinian militant group Hamas in Gaza. It is retaliation for rockets fired at Israel.
The conflict between Israel and Hamas is escalating.
The air raid sirens sound yet again. Israelis run for cover. This time Israel's aerial missile defense system intercepted a missile. But other rockets have cracked the so called Iron Dome. And the reach of Hamas seems to be extending further and further into Israel.
As Hamas launches more rockets from Gaza,
negotiators from Egypt held talks with the two sides to try and find a truce.
Within Israel, the conflict is fueling fears of a wider conflict as mobs of Arabs and Jews confront each other on the streets. Tensions in several mixed cities have boiled over into violence.
A brutal attack on the streets of Bat Yam. A group of far-right Israelis pull an Arab man out of his car and beat him. Mob attacks as well in the in the city of Lod. Surveillance footage shows Palestinian youths attacking an Orthodox Jew.
Elsewhere, clashes erupted between Arabs and Israeli police. The violence is fueling fears that Israel could be headed for civil war. Jews and Arabs who live side-by-side in Israel's so-called mixed cities are deeply concerned
An Arab-owned ice cream store in Bat Yam was vandalized by a right-wing Jewish mob. It's owner says she was shocked by the violence.
Many in these towns are just hoping the unrest will end soon. But an end to this conflict on Israel's streets appears a long way off. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that violence is likely to increase in the coming days.
And tensions from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have spilled over to cities around the world - including in Germany. There have been renewed protests against Israel's military operation in several German cities, with over 1,500 people gathering in the northern city of Bremen. And there have also been anti-Semitic incidents of vandalism targeting Jewish places of worship. Police arrested more than a dozen men suspected of damaging a synagogue in Bonn, and starting a fire at a Jewish memorial site in Düsseldorf. Germany's Jewish community is calling for more protection.

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