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King khan's business funda |Bollywood News|

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King khan's business funda.

Though Shahrukh khan alias SRK is known the king of romance but calling him the king of business would be more appropriate. A dialogue from his movie Raees released a couple of years ago is a perfect example of Shahrukh business mindedness.

Shahrukh khan maybe the king of Bollywood but the truth is that he is actually the real king of business. Shahrukh who has acted in more than 150 movies from Dewaana to Zero keeps an eye on new projects of earning money.

Shahrukh's property all over the globe.

Shahrukh not only owns a bungalow at Mumbai's Bandstand which is worth more than 200 crores. But also has a farm house near Mumbai. Shahrukh has even invested in properties at Dubai and Sharjah. He has also put in a lot of money in London's property business.
Shahrukh is a film producer too.
Shahrukh is also in the production business. He produces movies and web series under the name of Red chillies production. Earlier Shahrukh along with Juhi chawla started a production company named Dreamz unlimited.
A technology pro.
55 years old Shahrukh is quite aware of the fact that technology is life today. That's why he started investing in technology long ago. Shahrukh has already launched a gaming app created on Shahrukh himself. Understanding the need of special effects in movies paved way to his visual effects studio Red chillies VFX which works for both Bollywood and Hollywood.

The real player of games.
When IPL began in 2008, Shahrukh brought the franchise rights of Kolkata Knight Riders for 76 million dollars n surprised all. Apart from IPL Shahrukh has the ownership rights for Caribbean Premier league's team Tribango knight Riders n T20 global league's team Cape town knight Riders. Not just T20 leagues, king khan has also invested in Motor sporting league's I 0ne super series Mumbai franchisee.
Shahrukh is a brand ambassador for many brands.
Apart from acting and business brand endorsement is also major source of Shahrukh's earnings. Shahrukh can be seen advertising one or the other brand on electronic media every hour. N he is earning big from these advertisements.

For sale guest at wedding parties.
Shahrukh stared the trend of being a saleable guest for parties of the rich. He himself admits that he has no constraints on dancing for money at parties.

Shahrukh in the Forbes list.

Even though he does a few films still he makes it to the Forbes list of richest businessmen every year. Its but obvious that he doesn't think of anything apart from business. Another famous dialogue of film Raees... baniye ka dimaag n Miyanbhai ki daring... fits perfectly on Shahrukh.
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