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LAKE MYSTERY and swimming challenge! SuperHeroKids Funny Family Videos Compilation

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Lake Mystery and Swimming Challenge! SuperHeroKids Funny Family Videos Compilation Buy Power Rings: https://www.amazon.com/shop/superherokids

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The funny videos in this collection are:
Lake Mystery Challenge: When Eden, Hope, and Noah visiting their lake house, there is a rumor that a mysterious creature is lurking in the waters! While they are swimming and canoeing and playing in the water the Eden and Hope think they have come across this mysterious lake creature but Noah is convinced it's not real. Meanwhile, a strange girl keeps showing up claiming that the creature is real and that it is stealing all of the food! Will they be able to solve the mystery in time? Watch to find out!

She Doesn't Know How to Swim: When Eden's SHK HeroForce power ring falls into the bottom of the pool, she doesn't know how to swim to get it back! Hope is an expert swimmer and teaches Eden how to do all of the pro swimming tricks. But when Eden starts getting all of the attention for her super swimming skills, Hope gets competitive and tries to turn the attention back to herself. Eden and Noah feel bad for Hope and come up with a plan to make her the best swimmer again, will their plan work or will it back fire? Will Eden be able to save her power ring? Watch to find out!

The Missing Cheetos Mystery: When Hope and Noah, dressed in their Batman and Superman costumes, go on summer vacation to a lake house all of their stuff, starting with the Cheetos, goes missing! Help the Superhero Kids solve the mystery and find out who is really taking all of their things!

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