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Lightworker - Empyre (Official Music Video)

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Off the album FURY BY FAILURE, available on vinyl, CD, & streaming — http://lightworker.ffm.to/fury

Behold. The sky erupts before me.
In this moment. The Truth. Does it matter?

When in the wake of our last breath
Will we then accept what’s left behind?
Is it worth the time to become the man I should?
I’ll break to compromise if that means change

I left my soul to the world
Where they bled it dry of desire
Tear through the fabric of who I am
Maybe you will find something to revive

I’ll spend my life making up for my mistakes
The debt I’ve reaped I will always pay
It’s time to change
From the wreckage, you molded me
An orphan lost in damnation

I still have faith
That the light spreads between the haze
I still feel there’s something beyond the blinds

Behold. The sky erupts before me.
In this moment. The Truth. Will always matter.

#Lightworker #Empyre #FuryByFailure

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