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Liliac - Sail Away [Official Music Video]

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SAIL AWAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Download song on our website: www.liliacband.com

Spotify - Coming soon on October 30, 2020

Apple Music - Coming soon on October 30, 2020

Amazon - Coming soon on October 30, 2020

Sail Away Lyrics –

(Verse 1):
Dark times has arise
We’re falling into the night
There’s nothing left to see the light
The shadow closed our eyes

Discovering deep within
Follow things we desire
Burning with emotional fire
My soul cries out for hope

(Pre Chorus):
But it seem you’re letting go
You’re holding to the night
Will you open up your eyes?

(Chorus 1):
Can we sail, sail away?
Catch the falling stars
Reach beyond nigh

when there’s no light

(Verse 2):
Somethings out of phase
We’re flying with broken wings
Now we’re holding on to dreams
That’ll only let us fall apart

And all I feel is pain
I’m sobbing from my mistakes
Now I’m screaming at the wall
For ripping your heart of love

(Pre Chorus):
And I feel you’re letting go
You're holding to the night
Will you open up our eyes?

Can we sail, sail away?
Stop our bleeding hearts
And start a brand new life

Can we sail, sail away?
Catch the falling stars
Reach beyond nigh

when there’s no light

What have I done?
I’m falling from love
And oh, I’m drifting away

What did I do?
I’m falling from you
Now I’m sailing away

Ah Ah Ah Ah Ahhh
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ahhh
Ah Ah Ahhh

Credits -

Sail Away performed by LILIAC Vamp Metal band.
Vocals by Melody Cristea
Guitars by Samuel Cristea
Bass guitar by Ethan Cristea
Drums by Abigail Cristea
Piano by Justin Cristea
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Florin Cristea a.k.a Papa Liliac @ Liliac Studios, Downey CA. USA 2020 Mastered by LandR

Music Video directed by Florin Cristea
Music Video filmed by Paul Deorio
Music Video filmed with drone by Jens Eser
Music Video edited by Jens Eser & Samuel Cristea

Cast -

Band: Samuel Cristea (21), Abigail Cristea (20), Melody Cristea (18), Ethan Cristea (13), Justin Cristea (12)
Choir: Keith Pinel, Joya Cleven, Sam Coda, Dominica Barbiero, Sherri, Elizabeth Castro, Brian Cleven, Greer Nicholson, Jimmy Velasquez, Capelynn Castle, Kari Coffman
Makeup Artist: Genesis Calderon

Orchestra -

Conductor: Flora Cheng
Violins: Daniel Louis Adams, Rita Andrade, Genesis Calderon
Viola: Matthew Witmer
Cello: Hector Ortiz

(C) US Copyright 2020

Social Media -

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