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Qlkm Virus File Ransomware [.Qlkm] Removal and Decrypt Guide to recover Qlkm encrypted.Files

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Qlkm Virus File Ransomware [.Qlkm] Removal and Decrypt Guide to recover Qlkm encrypted.Files

Hi everyone in this video I am going to show you how to remove Qlkm Ransomware from your Pc and will provide you some tips to recover your files encrypted by this new ransomware it is recommended to turn off your internet connection after ransomware attack and scan your PC to remove the malware

.Qlkm virus belongs from Stop Djvu family which encrypts your private files like photos Docs audio video etc with online key encryption and demands for ransom my suggestion will be not to pay a penny to anyone as there is no guarantee they will provide you the key

first thing You need to scan your computer with the legitimate Antivirus before you can start any recovery process if you will not scan your pc it will stop working properly and pops will appear after a couple of days and you will not be able to open task manager.

English Version video for Qlkm ( if you didn't understand Hindi)

Use bitdefender antivirus to scan your PC

BitDefender Total Security Latest Version with Ransomware Protection

shadow explorer Download link

Testdisk Decrypter: Link may contain add just skip it after 5 seconds

Stop Djvu Decrypter

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