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Resident Evil Village - All The Enemies And What We Know About Them

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2017's Resident Evil 7 was a clean slate for the series in more ways than one, and a byproduct of that was a keen lack of enemy variety, but it seems that's an issue that's being quashed beyond a doubt in its direct sequel. 

Resident Evil Village is promising to conjure up a multitude of enemies, of sizes and shapes and styles that the series has never seen before, and based on everything that we've seen so far, it's doing so in very exciting ways (and, according to the developers, in ways that will be consistent with the series' overarching lore). Of course, there's plenty that Capcom haven't confirmed yet, and a lot of it will likely be kept secret so that players can experience things themselves, but details on plenty of the enemies we will be facing in the game have been revealed- and here, we're going to talk about that.

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