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THE CRAZIEST FINALE | Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix

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Created by Dani Lozano | FLoz - 2019

The 2008 Formula 1™ BELGIAN GRAND PRIX was one of the most exciting, thrilling and crazy of the Formula 1™ history. All the action happened during the last 3 laps of the race. Kimi Raikkonen was leading, and the rain came. Lewis Hamilton was catching to Kimi, and at the end of this lap, the madness starts.

I wanted to make an edit about this race, because I remember the time when I was watching it on live, on my tv, on the spanish brodcast. That's why I decided to use the spanish comments in the video. The commentators were crazy shouting out meanwhile all the action happened. I stood up of the sofa, hallucinated because of my eyes were watching. These final 3 laps are one of my favorite moments in F1 of all times. Nothing better than publish this video during the Formula 1™ 2019 Belgian Grand Prix to make a tribute to this fantastic race.

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