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The Economist Article Analysis | Business News Analysis|Financial News Analysis|With Patrick Dsouza

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The Economist Article Analysis, though it sounds difficult, with the correct guidance and practice it can be very easily mastered. Watch Patrick Dsouza guide you to the final milestone of getting the 100 percentile in CAT 2020 LIVE on Unacademy CATalyst.

It will consist of the following contents -
- Business News analysis,
- Business article analysis,
- Mergers,
- Conglomerate,
- Partnerships,
- Hostile Takeovers,
- Business fundings
- Business Investments,
- Business Article Analysis,
- Case Study Analysis,
- The Economist Analysis,
- The Economic Times,
- Entrepreneurs,
- Startup News
- Business News,
This Session will be helpful in exams like -
- Railways
- UPSC Prelims
- UPSC mains,
- UPSC Interviews,
-IIM interviews,

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