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US cleans away China's digital footprint; Another virus in China; Kudlow: US can't take 2nd lockdown

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NTD Evening News-8/5/2020
1. #Pompeo: US to Expand ‘Clean Network’
2. States Recover From Storm Isaias’ Rampage
3. Kudlow: US Can’t Take Another Lockdown
4. Biden Avoids Milwaukee Over #Virus Concerns
5. Seattle Mayor, Chief Oppose 50% Budget Cut
6. Prof. Disputes Mandatory Bias Training
7. Marshall Wins Kansas GOP Senate Primary
8. Devastation After Huge Explosion in Beirut
9. New York City to Set Up Check Points
10. Minn. Gov. Sued for Conflicting Mask Laws
11. Millennials Buying Homes During Pandemic
12. Infectious Virus Emerges in China’s flood-ridden region
13. Uncovering #China’s ‘Friendship Groups’
14. Trade Deficit Falls, 1st Time Since Feb
15. US, China to Review Phase 1 of Trade Deal
16. Facebook Launches TikTok-Like Product
17. US Companies Cut Back Sharply on Hiring
18. BMW Loses Almost $800M As Sales Slide
19. Virgin Airways Seeks Bankruptcy Protection
20. UK Canal Boat Holidays a Hit As Rules Ease
21. Tennis Star Nadal Won’t Play in Us Open
22. Modern Day Learning: How to Be a Ninja
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