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In today's video we are showcasing the worlds BEST scooter video game (in my opinion). This is not a paid advertisement. This was a game that was introduced to me by one of my scooter buddies. The game is called Scooter Fe3D 2. This is not necessarily the newest scooter video game, but it is the latest version of Scooter Fe3D. The game is a little tough to get used to at first due to the analog stick not being felt, but I must say the game is actually pretty fun! I just started playing the game today so I definitely have some practicing to do before I'm able to do a lot of combos and what not throughout the different skatepark levels the game has to offer. The first skate park that you are able to ride is more of a plaza style map. There are a lot of banks as well as rails but there are a couple small quarter pipe ramps as well as a vert ramp in the middle of the park. I would love to play this game on a big screen on a mega ramp level. How cool would that be?! Doing tricks in this game is actually pretty simple. There is a small "trick circle" that pops up when you are in the air. I did tricks like double tailwhip, backflip, backflip bar spin, backflip benihana, frontflip, frontflip variations, nothing front scooter flip, buttercup and a few other tricks whilst playing the video game. I can definitely see how people can get addicted to this game in particular. I'm not much into shooting games and what not, but I can definitely see myself getting into this one! We've also got some scootering clips at the local skatepark. We had a ton of fun there and met a few new local scooter kids. We also rode in the pump track and had some fun in there. Thank you all so much for watching today's video. I hope you all enjoy!

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