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ZDF heute news redesign (2009)

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For the news program "heute" (meaning "today") of the German federal broadcast channel ZDF the studio image, content and narrative style have all been thoroughly re-worked during an almost 3 year process.
That includes classic elements such as the openers, information graphics, weather toolkits and virtual sets as well as a new information room that has been created in virtual reality and walk-in 3d models which can be explained live in the studio by the presenter.

My main part in this process was to optimize and animate all weather pictograms (which were originally designed by agency eden & spiekermann, Berlin), to create the weather opening in the studio background which is created live in the studio; also I designed the keyvisuals/background animations for the weather, sports, Germany and europe sections and brought them to life (please see extra animation).

The animated weather logo/keyvisual is used in the studio background and title plates of the newly designed weather section of German national broadcaster ZDF. The graphic language is based on the pictograms of the forecast map. All common weather scenarios in Germany are morphed into another and form a loop; so every camera move can show a different part depending on the actual current weather situation.

client: zdf germany
production: velvet mediendesign
cd: patrick seelinger
ad: christoph walz, iris engler, thomas wernbacher, jana lehmann
design: maria regenspurger, achim john, christiane scheibe, rupert maurer, sascha coy
animation: thomas wernbacher, achim john, christoph walz, maria regenspurger, christiane scheibe, rupert maurer
studio design: jürgen bieling
programming: avirtico, munich
icon design: eden spiekermann, berlin
director: matthias zentner
dop: dieter deventer
producer: flint skallen
music: max richter - taxi and apc, any minute now/thinking back

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